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Food Journal

Potato Salad Time

  Hands up if you don’t care about carbs and love your potatoes? Favourites, particularly for a BBQ or picnic is a ripper of a potato salad, of course, made all the better with some Smoke and Curry.  Ingredients:  4 x large potatoes chopped into small bite-sized chunks  1 cup of sliced spring onions  3 boiled eggs, roughly chopped  1 tablespoon mayonnaise  2 tspn seeded mustard  Sprinkle of Smoke and Curry  Boil your chopped potatoes until just soft through (don’t overcook!).  Let cool, mix the mayo and mustard together, then add along with the spring onions and eggs, Smoke and...

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Magic Mornings with poached eggs sprinkled with Smoke and Curry

What’s not to love about taking time out on the weekend or while you’re on holiday with a slow start to the day and a cooked breakfast.  In our household, we love poached eggs… with a difference. By complete accident, we discovered that poached eggs served up and sprinkled with smoke and curry is simply the best way to start your day. If you are wondering what you might service with your Smoke and Curry’d up eggs we recommend the following:  A small bed of fresh spinach - the runny egg yolk is just enough to make the combo work...

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Gourmet BBQ flavour

Summertime is all about the outdoor meal and firing up the BBQ. For us it is at least.  So we thought we’d look at how Smoke and Roast can jazz up the flavour on your barbie. These are some of our favourites.  Steak sprinkled with Smoke and Roast  Mushrooms wrapped in foil, a little dab of butter and a sprinkle of Smoke and Roast inside … say your prayers!  Fish, on the barbie, steamed in foil. Before you seal up your foil wrapper around the fish, lay slices of onion, tomato and lemon on top then sprinkle with Smoke and...

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Prawn pizza with pizzaz and SMOKE AND PERI ( any pizza )

We love pizza night and my favourite is prawn pizza.  Ingredients:  1 pizza base  1 tomato paste  1 cup deveined and shelled prawns  1 cup of fresh spinach  Slices of mozzarella  Crushed garlic to taste  A teaspoon of SMOKE AND PERI  Method:  Smear your pizza base with tomato paste and crushed garlic. Place prawns and mozzarella on top, then sprinkle your SMOKE AND PERI on top.  Place in a hot oven for about 10 minutes (you want the cheese to be bubbling and just starting to brown up, and your prawns cooked through.  Pull out once cooked and immediately scatter...

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Mushroom Quesadillas Magic

Sometimes you just need a go-to recipe for a light meal at lunch or evening and quesadillas are our go-to’s!  Mushroom, a little fresh coriander and the zhooshing flavour of Smoke & Peri… oh oh my! What a fab taste mix.  Ingredients:  1 flour tortillas  1 cup of finely sliced button mushrooms  1 hand full of shredded cheese - cheddar or any melty cheese will work  1 small hand full of finely chopped fresh coriander  Sprinkle of SMOKE AND PERI Serve with half an avocado smushed up with finely chopped fresh onion and a squeeze of lemon juice.  Method:  Heat...

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