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Food Journal

Jazzing up the dregs of your veggie draw into a gastronomic surprise!

Smoke and Peri

Ok, so we’ve all gotten to the day before shopping and the refrigerator is bare and there are just leftovers. What to do? We have a regular winner that suits lots of different combinations of ‘leftovers’.

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Amazing and surprising taste combo

Smoke and Roast

We had a surprise accident in the kitchen this week when we were a little low on vegetables and we were using up what was left in the fridge! 

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Jazzing up your #healthy soups

healthy soup stayathome

Our favourite #stayathome soup has been veggie soup which is super healthy, light on the waistline and perfect for a healthy light lunch. Here is our under 30-minute recipe!

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Smoke and Peri: Original Taste with a Peri Twist

Love a little more spice in their cooking? 

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Smoke and Curry: Sensational Colour, Better Taste

Use Smoke and Curry as your secret ingredient!

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