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Fresh and Zingy Mango Salad!

Salads are so underrated as a full and healthy meal, instead just relegated to a side dish. But we want to share a great recipe that makes for a great meal in itself. 


Two handfuls of cherry tomatoes halved 

1 x Mango diced 

1 x Butter lettuce (shredded) 

Cucumber sliced and quartered

Chicken slices

Splash of olive oil 

1 x Lime juiced

Sprinkle of chilli flakes

Dash of Smoke and Roast Peri for that zesty extra flavour


Take all the ingredients and toss in a salad bowl with the olive oil, lime juice and Smoke and Roast Peri to give all the ingredients a good coating. 

Serve. Soooo simple. We use a Roasted chook from the supermarket to make it quick and easy, yet still healthy

Can you get any easier than that?



Stay well everyone,

Vanessa Hicks

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