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Favourite Veggie Mix to Go with Lamb!

Ok, so lamb chops are easy right but how do you make them ‘sing’! Well, we like to combine lamb chops with this simple veggie combo that just seems to take the chops to the next level of taste sensation. 


3 tomatoes finely chopped 

1 zucchini diced 

½ tin of corn OR green capsicum finely diced

½ cup capers 

1 small pinch of Smoke and Roast 


Place the tomatoes in a frying pan with a dollop of olive oil, along with the other veggies except for the capers. Let the veggies simmer a little to release their liquids. Keep cooking till you get a chunky sauce consistency. Add the capers and the pinch of Smoke and Roast, stirring through. 

Serve on top of your lamb chops. 


Stay well everyone, 

Vanessa Hicks

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