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The Perfect Guac!

Now that avocados are no longer priced at a point where they threaten our mortgage, we thought it was time to double down on the creamy fruit. 

The best way to approach this is to understand the best way to make a guacamole. This recipe we share from a Mexican amigo so we take it on faith that it’s the best but hey the taste convinces us of this anyway! 


1-2 avocados 

Juice of one lime

One finely diced tomato 

One finely diced onion 

Sprinkle of Smoke and Roast Peri 

Fresh coriander finely diced. 


In a bowl mush up the avocado with your fork. Keep the avocado stone. Add the onion, tomato, lime juice, and sprinkle of Smoke and Roast Peri. Mix up together. 

Add your coriander just before you serve. If making ahead use the stone in the middle of the guacamole and then cover to keep it from browning.   

Add … corn chips, to a quesadilla, to a salad … Enjoy!! 


Stay well everyone, 

Vanessa Hicks

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