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Smoke and Roast: Different Ways to Use

Looking for some ideas on how tomake your ordinary meals into a gourmet feast! The Smoke and Roast seasonings are literally a sprinkle away from creating some taste sensations in your kitchen. 
These are some of our favouite ways to use Smoke and Roast. 
Our first favourite is potatoe wedges with a sprinkle of Smoke and Peri to add some spice, and serve with guacamole and salsa. Ole!
Meatballs with a little Smoke and Curry is a whole new taste sensation! 
To make it easy to add a sprinkle consider using either the ceramic pot or grinder with your favorite Smoke and Roast!
We love to jazz up our home made hamburgers by using Smoke and Peri in the mince before cooking the burger. 
If you are looking to make the veggies on your vegetarian pizza's 'sing', then sprinkle Smoke and Roast on top before putting in the oven. 
Putting a sprinkle of Smoke and Roast on steaks before putting them on the grill takes them to a whole new level of fabulous flavour! 
Check out the rest of our Food Journal for more ideas on how to zest up your favourite recipes and discover new and simple ways to create gourmet food without the time or effort. 

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