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Christmas tips for your table

Christmas is almost here and sometimes we just need easy! What we love about SMOKE AND ROAST is that it turns simple recipes into gourmet taste sensations. 

These are our top tips for the Christmas table. 

  1. Try SMOKE AND ROAST sprinkled on the Roast potatoes and Pumpkin as a perfect complement to your roast and even get the kids will eat their veggies. 
  2. Sprinkle SMOKE AND ROAST on your lamb, pork, chicken, turkey OR all of the above makes the tastiest Xmas lunch or dinner without the nasties.  It’s all good with SMOKE AND ROAST
  3. Honey carrots sprinkled with a little SMOKE AND CURRY and melted butter adds a flavour that will have the whole table talking ,and the kids asking for more. 


Stay well everyone 

Vanessa Hicks,

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