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Paella with a Zing

Smoke and Peri

We have been experimenting with paella’s variations. Traditionally this dish is about mixing up different ingredients from your fridge, and we’ve had great successes with combinations of seafood, chorizo and chicken. 

But we’ve been after a version that works for our vegetarian friends. We think we’ve cracked the secret recipe - the missing ingredient is Smoke & Peri! 


1 cup arborio rice 

1 ltr veggie stock 

1 teaspoon Smoke and Peri 

A generous drizzle of olive oil 

Saffron to taste and look 

Celery chopped 

Zucchini chopped 

Sweet potato chopped in small cubes (carrot also goes well)

Capsicum sliced in ‘circles’ (we sit this on top for looks)

1 cup beans or peas

1 red onion finely chopped 

Green olives


Start with olive oil and onion in the pan, and cook till starting to get translucent. Add sweet potato and arborio rice. Stir while adding in the saffron and Smoke and Peri. Continue to stir for 5 minutes. Then slowly add, little bit by little bit the stock. The rice will start to slowly absorb the liquid. When you have a good ‘bubble’ of liquid happening, add the rest of your veggies. Cook till the liquid has been absorbed. Serve with chunky fresh bread and slices of fresh lemon. 

Stay well everyone!

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