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Fishing for compliments, pun intended

Smoke and Peri Smoke and Roast

Super tasty (and quick) tip for the kitchen this week is all about fish.

Try these two fab ideas for meals under 15 minutes! I particularly like the first one as I don't normally like broccoli and the addition of Smoke and Roast really changed my mind. 

Salmon and OMG! It’s broccolini!

Salmon steak
Smoke and Roast

Put your salmon on to cook in a fry pan with a spray of olive oil to keep it from sticking.

In an another pan, heat on high, melt a knob of butter and place your broccolini in the pan. Sprinkle with Smoke and Roast, and cook till tender. The salmon and broccolini will take about the same time ie. 4-5 minutes.

Fish Tacos with zing

Any white fish that holds together well, like Schnapper or Hoki
Finely grated cabbage
Finely diced tomato, cucumber and onion
Teaspoon of mayonnaise mixed with lime juice (and chilli if you like!)
Smoke and Peri

Cook your fish in a fry pan with a light drizzle of oil and a sprinkling of Smoke and Peri.

Meanwhile, prep your veggies and if you have a gas stove, heat your tortilla on an open flame till browned and ‘air expands’. If you don’t have an open flame then use a dry heated pan on heat to brown either side.

When the fish is done, serve up in your tortilla with sprinkles of your cabbage tomato, onion, cucumber and avocado. Don’t overfill your taco and then drizzle a little of the lime and mayonnaise mix. Eat!

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