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Jazzing up the dregs of your veggie draw into a gastronomic surprise!

Smoke and Peri

Ok, so we’ve all gotten to the day before shopping and the refrigerator is bare and there are just leftovers.

What to do?

We have a regular winner that suits lots of different combinations of ‘leftovers’.

Last night the recipe went something like this …

Time from opening fridge to serving - 20 minutes/ serves 2 but just add till you have enough for your family!

Dregs of the fridge makeover

3 leftover sausages from Saturday’s BBQ
1 x Zucchini on its last legs
Capsicum - ok-ish condition
Very sad spring onions
1 x tin of crushed tomato

Dice all the above ingredients and put them into a frying pan with a dash of olive oil for lubricating. Add a tin of crushed tomatoes, sprinkled with Smoke and Peri.

Gently heat and set to bubble away for about 10-15 minutes. You are looking for enough time to soften your veggies to taste and slightly reduce the tomato down to a zingy flavoured sauce, which the Smoke and Peri will give it with the reduction of some of the liquid.

Serve straight up (if you’re watching your carbs) or add some pasta.

We’ve done the above with everything from leftover roast chicken, broccoli, mushrooms, pumpkin, onion, cauliflower … the list goes on.

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