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Amazing and surprising taste combo

Smoke and Roast

Pumpkin & onion roasted with smoke and roast. Yummo.

We had a surprise accident in the kitchen this week when we were a little low on vegetables and we were using up what was left in the fridge! 

What was left was half a butternut pumpkin and a few onions. 

This combo turned out to be an amazing taste sensation. 

We baked them in the same tray (I’m a lazy cook) with a drizzle of oil and of course a good sprinkle of Smoke and Roast. 

It came out amazing. First off we served this with some lamb chops, and since then we’ve served it with baked fish and baked chicken as well. The pumpkin goes all soft while the onion is slightly caramelised and with the zing of the smoke and roast, the perfect accompaniment!


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