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Jazzing up your #healthy soups

healthy soup stayathome

Many of you know that we are a small family business located on the outskirts of Melbourne. And Melbourne being Melbourne, it’s been chilly and what with lockdown after lockdown, we have taken to making a lot of soups at home. 

Our favourite #stayathome soup has been veggie soup which is super healthy, light on the waistline and perfect for a healthy light lunch. Our under 30-minute recipe is as follows: 


1 full Leek sliced up 

1 teaspoon Smoke and Peri 

Drizzle of olive oil 



Chicken stock with hot water to cover your veggies 

½ Cabbage 

2 lemons 

Feel free to throw in any vegetables you want and swap out the chicken stock for veggie stock. 


The secret to this recipe is an amazing taste sensation is starting your soup with some caramelised leek sprinkled with Smoke and Peri. It never fails to boost and turn plain into super tasty as the base for this and any other soup creation.

Use the olive oil to caramelise your leeks, then add celery and stock, and then the rest of your vegetables. 

Serve with:  

Squeeze of fresh lemon before serving and 

The humble toasted cheese sandwich is fit for a king when you sprinkle on top the cheese with smoke and roast (link) before toasting.

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