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Zesty Steamed Whole Fish

If you’re a fan of fresh fish, cooked to maximse the flavour in a healthy way, this recipe is super easy and quick. 


1 whole fish, filleted (we like Schapper) 

A large sheet of aluminium foil 

1 onion 

1-2 tomatoes chopped 

1 medium zucchini 

1 lemon sliced 

Fresh garlic cloves or a drop Smoke and Roast lemon essential oil 

A few leaves of fresh basil or a drop of Smoke and Roast basil essential oil 

A small drizzle of olive oil 

A sprinkle of Smoke and Peri 


Drizzle the olive oil on the aluminium sheet and then lay your whole fish on top of it. Lay on, and around the fish your veggies, herbs and sprinkle of Smoke and Peri, then fold the aluminum over the fish and seal tightly by folding over the edges a few times. 

Place on a BBQ plate for about 15-20 minutes (dpending on the size of your fish). The fish literally steams and cooks through very nicely. 

Remove and place on table to serve directly. So simple, so yummy! 


Stay well everyone,

Vanessa Hicks

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