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Gourmet BBQ flavour

Summertime is all about the outdoor meal and firing up the BBQ. For us it is at least. 

So we thought we’d look at how Smoke and Roast can jazz up the flavour on your barbie. These are some of our favourites. 

  1. Steak sprinkled with Smoke and Roast 
  2. Mushrooms wrapped in foil, a little dab of butter and a sprinkle of Smoke and Roast inside … say your prayers! 
  3. Fish, on the barbie, steamed in foil. Before you seal up your foil wrapper around the fish, lay slices of onion, tomato and lemon on top then sprinkle with Smoke and Peri.
  4. Chunks of zucchini and corn cobs lightly sprinkled in Smoke and Roast as they are grilled on the barbie. Yummo. We’ve also done whole spring onions, capsicum and eggplant this way too! 
  5. Chicken kebabs rolled in Smoke and Curry and served with yoghurt, cucumber and mint mixed as a side dish. 


Stay well everyone 

Vanessa Hicks

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